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Put Your Concert Trucking
in Good hands

Elite Lead Drivers

Our Lead Drivers are the lifeblood of Truck 'N Roll. They work hand in hand with Production to plan every detail from parking, routing, load-in/load-out, to how each truck is packed.


Our Lead Drivers have more years of experience than you can shake a stick at! They take the stress of concert trucking right out of the equation to deliver peace of mind AND your gear.


We've also developed an in-house training program to help experienced drivers acquire the skills necessary to become world-class Lead Drivers.

Custom Concert Logistics Equipment
Steve Collard - Mercedes Benz SuperDome

Concert, shows and events bring distinct challenges to traditional trucking. For one, late load-ins mean working with little natural light.


Our fully lit custom logistics dry van trailers provide both safety and convenience for loading crews. All TNR trailers come equipped with decking bars, load straps and ramps for your show.


We also have some custom, elevating double-floor trailers and side doors that are perfect for easy access to tour merchandise!


Give us your tour needs and we will find a perfect solution for you!

An Expert Office Team

Our office staff is passionate and committed to helping your show go as smoothly and as economically as possible.


We have an experienced and dedicated sales team, expert borders and customs staff, and contingency plans to ensure that any unforeseen obstacles are handled. It comes down to this: we find solutions for all of your logistical challenges and work with you to make sure every load, big or small, is on time and in the same condition it left in.


We operate on the theory that this sort of excellent customer service is the best way to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

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