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Acrobats jump on trampolines while the trailer is pulled by a Truck'N Roll truck

During the festival "Montreal Complètement Cirque in July 2021, we were asked for a truck and one of our drivers(Joseph Awwad) to pull a platform trailer so that acrobats could jump on trampolines.

At first, the production wanted to know if a 53 foot trailer could also go all the way through with maximum height to reach where they wanted to film the scene. There were a few low bridges where the minirail crosses a pathway like this one.

Usually, a truck needs 4.1 meters of clearance, but obviously, that sign is old and not accurate as we could pass under, but really slowly with the suspension all the way down.

The production also tested with the driver if we could drive inside the park where there are more rides. Visually, it would have been great, but unfortunately it didn't work with a trailer.

Ultimately, we ended up bringing the equipment with a flatbed trailer This event is part of an online series called "Les canons du cirque". You can watch all of them here.

The event with our truck was filmed at La Ronde, on Île St-Hélène. Here is the video: Click here to open the link directly in YouTube.


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